"Speculation is an effort, probably unsuccessful, to turn a little money into a lot.
Investment is an effort, which should be successful, to prevent a lot of money from becoming a little".

Fred Schwed Jr.



Finding and implementing the very best investment opportunities for our clients.

Welcome to Investium.

As an investment house constantly on the lookout for innovation we specialize in scouting for and assembling tailor-made investment portfolios for our customers.

Our team scouts the international market for exciting and promising prospects in a variety of sectors including tech, sustainable energy and infrastructure, venture capital, as well as more traditional market sectors such as property, equities, and commodities.

Based in Hong Kong, Investium has been active on the global stage since our founding in 2020. Our clients are typically high value individuals or firms looking for a diverse yet robust long-term investment portfolio with attractive ROIs.

Our advisors map out our customers' needs and requirements and compile an investment plan accordingly, often the client requests specific investment opportunities, we carry out in-depth analysis and due diligence on all the investment channels we recommend. With the customers' consent we proceed to purchase and manage their portfolio on their behalf, according to the agreed upon strategy. It goes without saying that our activity is carried out with the utmost discretion and with the customers' privacy protection our top priority. In keeping with our policy of transparency we keep constantly monitor the portfolios we manage and keep our customers informed with regular updates and scheduled meetings. We carry out adjustments to portfolios whenever required and inform customers at every stage. In addition customers can access their account details on the client access area here. 

Our expert team is committed to providing the very best investment advisory and management services, keeping our customers interests at the forefront.

Investium's team is a combination of our in-house personnel and a highly professional and trusted network of professionals and consultants. Our team encompasses a range of vocations including: 

  • Executive management - Our executive management team has many years of experience in the investment sector, they tap into their insight to provide exciting financial products and services to our discerning customers. 
  • Financial advisors - Our financial advisors learn the customers' needs and compiles an investment plan accordingly. 
  • Analysts & researchers-  Our analysts and researchers carry out extensive research and due diligence to all our potential investment products prior to offering them to our customers. 
  • Real estate property advisors & managers- A favourite alternative to financial products, real estate property investment and management brings with it unique demands, our property professionals are on hand to manage even the most challenging property issues. 
  • IT and tech- When dealing with tech firms and startups our professional advisors conduct in-depth checks into possible investments to ascertain their true potential.
  • Portfolio managers - Our portfolio managers manage our customers' holdings on a day to day basis, making adjustments whenever necessary. 
  • Legal and accountancy- Our legal and accountancy personnel carry out all relevant work relating to the company's activity, including contractual issues, regular financial reporting, coordinating audits, among others. 
  • Tax advisory- We provide advice to our customers pertaining to any taxation issues that may arise from their investment holdings. 
  • External audit- We hire an independent firm of external auditors to carry out regulatory audits on all our activity, our accountancy team coordinates the auditing process. 
  • Administrative - Our administrative team keeps the office running like clockwork in order to facilitate effective and reliable services, they are responsible for a wide range of administrative services. 
At Investium we are proud to offer a heady combination of financial and wealth management services, geared around providing a professional response to the unique requirements of the customer.
The services provided include:

Financial advice

Investium's financial advisory team meets the customers and learns their requirements. Following this initial meeting an investment plan is drawn up accordingly and presented to the customer. Our advisors actively follow the performance of the portfolio and recommend any changes they deem necessary.                        



We offer our customers investment opportunities in accordance with their investment profile and plan and implement them as required. We carry out ongoing investment activity and management.


Venture capital

Investing in start-up firms provides the funds necessary for them to develop ideas and transform them to marketable products. Venture capital investment path carries an element of risk that can be higher than more solid investment products; however they present the opportunity for high- yield returns to investors.


Portfolio management

Investium's team compiles and manages our clients investment portfolios according to the agreed upon investment plan. Many of the portfolios we manage are long-term investments, we constantly monitor the financial markets and make adjustments accordingly, for instance; sometimes a promising investment opportunity proves to be an under-achiever, as soon as we spot such an occurrence, our advisors act to notify the customer and rectify the situation.


Analysis & research

Our analyst conduct rigorous in-depth checks on all potential investment products and opportunities and carry out due diligence. We only recommend products that have undergone our analyst's scrutiny.


Real estate property

Our property managers manage property portfolios, be they residential, commercial or retail on our customers behalf, including dealing with day to day issues as well as acquisitions and sales of properties according to the clients' requirements.


Legal & accountancy

Our legal and accountancy team provide an essential service covering all our teams' work, including among others, contractual issues, quarterly financial reporting, overseeing and coordinating audits carried out by independent professionals.


Tax advisory

All investment activity entails tax issues that require careful planning. We provide our customers with appropriate taxation advice based on their specific circumstances.


Customer liaison

It is of paramount importance to keep our customers informed of their holdings' performance, we compile regular reports and notify them whenever adjustments are required. We also encourage our clients to be in touch with any queries about their portfolios at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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